Polití studenou vodou v podobě PBGA pouze potvrdilo situaci ve skupině, která se už hodně velkou mírou podepsala i na tomto albu. Ještě větší zklamání zaznamenalo toto album u tábora fanoušků a někteří už začínají prorokovat konec skupiny. I přesto je Chameleon velice pestrým albem a mění barvy každou chvilku. Rychlé a řízné skladby střídají o to melancholičtější balady a je z nich cítit hodně emocí. Touto deskou Helloween potrzuje punc různorodosti každé desky a za to jim patří jistý obdiv.

Datum vydání: 28. 5. 93 - Evropa /EMI/
 1. First Time Weikath 5:30 text
 2. When The Sinner Kiske 6:54 text
 3. I Don't Wanna Cry No More Grapow 5:11 text
 4. Crazy Cat Grapow 3:29 text
 5. Giants Weikath 6:40 text
 6. Windmill Weikath 5:06 text
 7. Revolution Now Weikath 8:04 text
 8. In The Night Kiske 5:38 text
 9. Music Grapow 7:00 text
 10. Step Out Of Hell Grapow 4:25 text
 11. I Believe Kiske 9:12 text
 12. Longing Kiske 4:15 text
 Celkový čas: 71:20 min.
 Informace: Sestava:
 Nahráno: v Chateau De Paup, Hamburg, 1992 Michael Kiske (zpěv)
 Mix: Scream Studios, Los Angeles, 1992 Michael Weikath (kytara)
 Mix: Michael Wagener pro "Double Trouble Productions Inc." Roland Grapow (kytara)
 Asistent: Craig Boubet Markus Grosskopf (baskytara)
 Mastering: Stephen Marcussen, Precision Mastering, Hollywood Ingo Schwichtenberg (bicí)
 Návrh dýní: Frederick Moulaert
 Logo: Michael Weikath
 Návrh obálky: Michael Kiske
 Vyrobil: Tommy Hansen, Michael Tibes & HELLOWEEN
 Všechny písničky byly vydané vydavatelstvím Zomba Music Publishers (LTD) S.F. USA

Will your first time . . .
Will it be . . . I think of someone like me?
Makes me wonder
I can show you things you'd never thought you'd see
You're like sunshine
I can feel your heat is drying out my brain
Would you feel like . . .
Like we're having fun if I can do the rain?

Have you thought out your dreams . . . do you have some?
Let's see if we can find some more
Give me your fancies at random
I think we can deal with 'em all

I can't wait forever
Baby open me your door
I just want your loving
If you cannot give me more
I can see you standing there
You know you're worth to try
Let me guide you in my spaceship
And I'll surely make you have a real good time

Don't waste time now
You are soakin' wet so fix the things you got
Guess you know how
And when you're done I gotta see you strut
My desire
Can I watch you rock and know which one to choose?
I'm no liar
I could take you down and you got nothing to lose

I don't know any better occasion
Can't hold back, it's the end of the day
I don't think you're here for the first time
No problem with me anyway

I can't wait forever
Baby open me your door
I just want your loving
If you cannot give me more
I can see you standing there
You know we have a try
I can feel this night is special
And I surely make you have a real good time

. . . I can't leave you standing there
You know we have a try
I can feel this night is special
And I'll surely make you have a real good time . . .


Now it's time - to shake it all up to be free
Now it's time - to make us some room to let us be
Oh, it feels so bad
Yes it feels so bad
When everything good looks so bad
When everything right goes so wrong

I am up - to break it all down what's in my way
I won't stop - until I am where I'm going to stay
No-one holds me back
No, no-one holds me back
Don't wanna be what I'm not
But its 'gotta be myself who breaks my neck

I look here and you look there, I know it's got to be somewhere
We look around and search around and walk around and hear around
We keep on looking 'til we know what for

If you don't know it, I don't know it, we don't know it, who will know it?
All of us don't know what we should know - maybe one day we'll know
But anyway we've got to make a stop

Over my head - look over my head you won't see no halo
It's driving me mad - I must hold it back inside

When the sinner searches sin, it's all of us
When we finally search inside, it's under us
We keep on looking anyway
If we don't find it who must pay?
All I've ever done I've done for you!

In my mind - the battle goes on 'til I give up
Will we find - the key of life we once have dropped?
Do you really care?
Tell me you really care!
You may find Mr. Blame
But the guilt of life burns everywhere

Give me light to see my inside, give me light to see my sin
I'd never do what I regret, I've never done anything bad
You must be joking when you point at me!

Hey! Don't you blame me! Don't you touch me!
Won't you ever leave me be?
I wanna live! Don't wanna think! Why should I give what I can drink?
Man! Life is short so I take what I need!

Over your head . . .
When the sinner. . .

I feel inside it's such a
No-one fights fair, but who's to blame?
Might be the game of life but it ain't over
I walk my way firm any
My conscience speaks and there are
But nothing's sure in life and it ain't over

I look here . . . Over my head . . .
When the sinner . . .


Hey, brother
I miss you so
You knocked on heaven's door
And we won't see you anymore
It must be crazy
What we're living for
'Cause God's stopped keeping you
On the ladder of your life
I call your name with tears in my eyes

I don't wanna cry no more
Past gave me happiness and pain
Life is fleeting like flower
From a distance, after sorrow
I pray the lord to keep your soul
I don't wanna cry no more
We're still missing you

Life's like walking
On a high wire
You slipped away
I've seen dying in vain
High as mountains seem all the problems that I have
But when I hear your voice
Far away out of the dark
You just go on and on in the back of my mind

I don't wanna . . .

Skin and bone won't touch the sky
I hope you'll find passage out of the dark
To the other side of the sea
And I know that I'll see you again

I don't wanna . . .


My little crazy cat
Took a train to meet his gang downtown, yeah
They played Black Jack
Fritz played his false game too far, ooh
A guy got up and started a gunfight

He's looking for trouble day by day
(For trouble, day by day)
Don't waste time, cute runaway
(You cute runaway)
He kept being taken by surprise
My straycat in town

Addicted to chicks
He's got a rental tree near the nudist beach, yeah
Oh watch out!
Booze and ladies are his fate, ooh
Too much sex and food and Rock 'n' Roll

He's looking for trouble day by day . . .


Strong and invincible
They know every rule
Seems inconceivable
Anything they do

They made us their slaves
We weren't unified
Ever since we paid
For selling our lives

Someday, someway, I may see a wonderland
Don't you, won't you say that we'll be free again

Deprived of our consciousness
We can't predict what's more
Can you remember how
Things used to be before?

I secretly dream
Of things we will be taught
Will someone esteem
For those who have fought?

Strong and invincible
They know every rule
Seems inconceivable
Everything they do

Deep in our hearts
We hope our dreams come true
The only thing is
What are we to do?

Won't you say it . . .
Can't you feel it . . .?


Time goes wherever you are, time is your guiding star
That shines all through your life, makes you feel and move

My dreams are out in the far, so are yours a part
Of secret fairy tales, dripped on the wings of a mystery mill

Windmill, windmill, keep on turning; show me the way, take me today
Windmill, windmill, hearts are yearning, longing for love and a chance
To be free

Don't feel alone and depressed, someone will come at last
To soothe your stumbling mind, to keep it away from the evil storm

Windmill, . . .


Well, I think it's really time again for a revolution
Not to destroy at all costs but have a look at what's there
Can you remember a time when water was still water
Or are you too young to even know what we won't give to our heirs

Inhale the bless of science through your lungs, skin and brain!
It'll surely make our children feel a lot of more sane!

Revolution now!

I was born when April guaranteed a sexual renaissance
And today we're all faced with death, rubbers and AIDS
In '68 some people went out to fight for freedom
They would never ever have thought that their children wear ties

And if you come to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some broken people there

Revolution now!


In the night I'm calling you!
Be my guide help me through!
In the night I call your name
You're the night in times of shame!
The songs I sing
All my love I bring for you!

I always try to make things better
Everything that has gone wrong
Mighty plans in the night direction
But very little has been done
Everyday when I try to get forward
I find myself another mile back
Help me fighting!
Help me breathing!
Why am I falling down instead?

Ev'ry useful minute seems to be the thought of you
Ev'ry hour seems like wasted, filled with things that I might do
Without love in my reactions seems the saddest thing, but's true!

In the night . . .
Sometimes I cried after all I lied to you

Free from ourselves and free from this world we may find
The freedom we searched
'Cause all that we need is inside!
The hours we waste we may not get back for a while
And when it gets dark
No chance will be there for a try

When I wake up early morning
I catch a book and jump inside
I fill my head with a million wonders
And try to fill the night with light
The moment when I get things clearer
I see another mountain to climb
And always when I think I'm nearer
I realise there is no time

In the night . . .
This song I sing, all my love I bring for you!


When I was a young boy
I had no aim
Neither experience
It wasn't a shame
Most of the time
It satisfied me
But one day I realised
Music is like a rising sun

Times are now changing
And memory fades
I gaze at the photos
A look in the haze
You cannot imagine
How many friends I've lost
It's much too late
For calling them back

Music is like sunrise for me
It's joyful like a trip in a time machine
Music is like sunrise for me
It's like coming home

I was always insecure
Sometimes I still am
But I made up my mind now
And look here I stand
I ask myself sometimes:
Is it all worth it?
To fly over mountains
Makes you fall down again

But music . . .


Time has come
Start your search for tomorrow
No escape
From that long trail of sorrow
You don't know how it keeps goin' on, oh no

Wake up out of misty dreams
Evil drug is starting to grab you, to grab you

Step out of hell! - Demons dancing 'round your brain
Step out of hell! - Streams of madness flow through your veins
Step out of hell! - Go on like this you're gonna be dead
Step out of hell! - Take my hand I wanna help (but can I?)

You did your best
To keep yourself down
Give it a rest
And just turn around!
It's only a one-way street of lies, yes it is!

Living in a twilight zone
Get away out of that drug jungle, that drug jungle

Step out of hell! - Demons dancing 'round your brain
Step out of hell! - Streams of madness flow through your veins
Step out of hell! - Go on like this you're gonna be dead
Step out of hell! - Take my hand I wanna help you

Another line, have a good time, you don't mind
To turn your brain inside out
To serve the final rite

Step out of hell! - Demons dancing 'round your brain
Step out of hell! - Streams of madness flow through your veins
Step out of hell! - Go on like this you're gonna be dead
Step out of hell! - Take my hand I wanna help you!


Give me two strong arms to fight my enemies
Give me two strong eyes to see the truth
Give me two strong legs I think I have to run
And fill my heart with faith that I won't lose
I don't wanna lose

Give me one real love that I won't freeze out there
Make me feel your presence in the night
Give me one strong heart that tells me when I lie
And take my soul so I won't have to hide
I don't wanna hide

It's so cold deep down here
I know we had to fall
Souls are dying everywhere
But whatever I do I believe . . .

There'll be no reason to live
Without you giving me light
There is so much that you give
Your love is shining so bright
I believe . . .

I wanna love but I always hate
I wanna give but I always take
Want you to laugh but I make you cry
Maybe I won't change until I die
It's so much easier said than done
I know I can't just always run
Got so much anger inside of me
I understand but I think I see what I'm not
I know it's true what J.C. said
I got it all clear in my head
Seems we were born to be unfair
I am a sinner that's starting to dare to believe
Give me your hand until the end
And I will walk into the promised land
I don't deserve anything you do
But I can't stop loving you

No more lies, no false religions
No more whys and wrong God missions
No shiny T.V. priests begging for cash
No more wars that no God's ever asked for

There's a way back out of here
One day we're goin' home
Tell everyone who wants to hear: Whatever you do:
Do believe, I believe, we believe, believe oh!

Feelings come and go - I've never known
Something longs to grow - won't let go
Spirits 'round my head - are whispering
I turn inside instead - of wondering

Deep inside of me - I know there's got to be
A different kind of truth - that sets the spirit free
If I don't wanna know - What's written inside me
How could I see anything - How could I be anything?

Restless minds have searched - long before
The truth will be the same - for evermore
The mightiness of trees - that you can feel
Can give you all you need - just listen still

Here is love and there is pain, it's all around, it's all the same
There's nothing new that I could tell to you

But still there is the universe inside of us that never bursts
We might not know the meaning yet, but I am sure we can't reject
The truth that is in everything - that is and has been and will be

There is a long way to go - there is a high place to know
There is a world to go through - but there's so much more to do
Until we're home!

Deep inside of me - I know there's . . .

Feelings come and go - I've never known . . .